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HANDSCRIPT is a brand based in Hong Kong. We create notebooks and paper products. We believe hand is the most primitive communication tool, and only handwriting can best express our humanity, feeling and wisdom. All our products are made of quality paper plus creative design, which offer you a different way to capture and share the moments of your life.About-Handscript-2

All our products are designed in Hong Kong. Our missions are to design and produce thoughtful products and to preserve the handwriting habit in this digital era. Besides in-house design, we always go into the streets to explore local cultural elements and combine them within our creation. We believe that local history and stories are lived based on human writings.

Our materials are selected by our experts, as well as our craftsmen, who have been working in paper industry for more than 20 years. Perfecting and detailing are their everyday job duties to make sure no single mistake could be found in any of our products.
About-Handscript-2.3As you may question how hard it could be to make a notebook, but as a company which is specialized in producing it, we can tell you that this is definitely not an easy task. Each notebook contains no less than 7 different parts and some of them have to be installed by hand, one by one.

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